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Certain people groups within our country are attempting to rewrite history to support false narratives about the American people and the values we cherish. We publish here true and verifiable articles to reinforce the true history of America and the intentions of the founders.


By Dr. Sam Gipp

The Bible is divinely inspired and preserved. Nothing man has ever written compares to it. It’s the only book on the planet that doesn’t come from the planet! With that great truth in mind, it can be said that our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are the greatest man written documents in history. The Declaration severed Our Nation’s ties with Great Britain, and Our Constitution established the law of the new nation. The Constitution of the United States set forth governing practices which the world had never before experienced. It defined Our Nation as to what it was and how it would be governed.

For the uninformed, the public-school-educated and the news media deceived, the Constitution defines our country as a representative republic, not a democracy. In a democracy, the majority decides the fate and direction of a nation at the expense of all minorities. In a representative republic, even the smallest voice has some representation in the course a nation takes. Nothing illuminates the genius of our Founding Fathers better than the Constitution they bequeathed to us. Nothing generated by man has touched the entire globe and altered the course of history as has our Constitution. Although it’s establishment was called an experiment 233 years ago, it is presently the oldest constitution in the world and has proven its innate value for almost two-and-a-half centuries.

There were four things that set our founding document apart from all other man-generated governmental proclamations. Subtract anyone of these ingredients and our constitution would be a relic in a museum by now and the government established in 1787 would not exist.

I. Our Founding Fathers - As important as God and His Book are in the history of our country they would have had no influence over our country if our Founding Fathers had not willingly submitted themselves and our country to them. You can hold a fire extinguisher in your hand and watch a fire rage until it’s out of control if you refuse to acknowledge that the fire extinguisher is the only way to handle the fire. That is the same acknowledgment our Founding Fathers gave God and the Bible as the prime tool by which to govern.

Secular historians never tire of claiming that our nation was not founded by Christians but rather by “God neutral” deists. If you ask them to name five deists from that number they immediately shout, “Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson...and...ah...Thomas Franklin and Benjamin Jefferson… and um... ah, well... they were all deist anyways!” While both of these men could fit the definition of a deist, Thomas Jefferson took offense at that title and openly declared, “I am a Christian.” Meanwhile, to this day, every Congress is opened in prayer because the deist, Benjamin Franklin, exhorted the squabbling founders to do so or their cause was hopeless. (We could use more “deists” like that today!) Our Founding Fathers refused to rely solely on their own wisdom in framing this country and humbly turned to the God of the Bible. Every other constitution on the planet has relied solely on the wisdom and intellect of its writers. Doomed to failure!

So, what did our Founders believe? We will let them speak for themselves:

George Washington: To a gathering of Indians - “You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are.”

Thomas Jefferson: “The Bible makes the best people in the world.”

John Adams: “The Bible is the best book in the world.”

John Witherspoon, Signer of the Declaration of Independence: “I shall now entreat... you in the most earnest manner to believe in Jesus Christ, for ‘there is no salvation in any other’ [Acts 4:12]. If you are not clothed with the spotless robe of His righteousness, you must forever perish.”

Charles Carroll, Signer of the Declaration of Independence: “On the mercy of my Redeemer I rely for salvation and on His merits; not on the works which I have done in obedience to His precepts.”

John Jay, First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court: “I render sincere and humble thanks for His manifold and unmerited blessings, and especially for our redemption and salvation by His beloved Son...” Furthermore, he stated, “Americans should select and prefer Christians as their rulers.”

Samuel Adams, Signer of the Declaration of Independence: “First of all, I... rely upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins.”

Roger Sherman, Signer of both the Declaration and the Constitution: “I believe that there is only one living and true God, existing in three person, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the same substance equal in power and glory. That the scriptures of the old and new testaments are a revelation from God and a complete rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him.”

Dr. Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration of Independence: “My only hope of salvation is in the infinite, transcendent love of God manifested to the world by the death of His Son upon the Cross. Nothing but His blood will wash away my sine. I rely exclusively upon it. Come Lord Jesus! Come quickly!”
No honest person can deny that the founders of our country were neither hostile to nor neutral to the God of Creation. Not only did they decidedly bow to Him but there was no outcry from the public for that homage.

II. God was exalted - As previously stated, our Founding Fathers were unapologetic in their allegiance to God, rather than any other dogma. At this point, the secular humanists, unable to deny the favorable view our founders had of God, may put forth the argument, “Well, yes, there may have been some Christians among them, but they never intended to mix God with the governing of the country." That would be their second erroneous statement!

George Washington: “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”

John Adams: “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were. The general principles of Christianity...” “Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their own law book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited...what a utopia; what a paradise this region would be!

Thomas Jefferson: “The Bible is the source of liberty.”

Patrick Henry, Patriot and American Statesman: “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

John Quincy Adams: “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: that it connected in one dissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity...”

III. They Acknowledged Biblical Truth - Our Founding Fathers did not divorce their Christian beliefs from government. They knew that God and His Book were the only hope mortal man has on this planet.

John Adams: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Benjamin Franklin:“ Whoever shall introduce into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity will change the face of the world.” (Not bad for a deist!)

Noah Webster, Educator, Author of the first American dictionary: “The principles of all genuine liberty, and of wise laws and administrations are to be drawn from the Bible and sustained by its authority. The man therefore who weakens or destroys the divine authority of that book may be accessory to all the public disorders which society is doomed to suffer.”

IV. They Focused on the Common Man - One of the foundational truths of Our Republic is that it was established to assist the common man in his relationship with God and in his endeavors to live a prosperous and peaceful life.

Communism makes the claim that it is the only form of government that champions the cause of the common man. Yet, once instituted, always by force of arms, it caters to the health, wealth and happiness of the governing elite and enslaves the common people. That “nasty deist” Thomas Jefferson, would never espouse such a totalitarian approach to government. He made numerous statements warning against an all-powerful, supposedly benevolent government: “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.” “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” “A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.”

One of the things that made Jesus Christ stand out is that He never tried to endear Himself to the ruling elite. He railed on the Pharisees, refused to speak to Herod after his arrest and spoke to Pontius Pilate as though he was an underling, which he was! But, Mark 12:37 informs us, “... And the common people heard him gladly.”

Jesus Christ offers mankind spiritual freedom. Our Constitution, uninspired as it is, offers Man political freedom. Why? Because our wise Founding Fathers understood the truth of Psalm 127:1 Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.


by Dr. William P. Grady

In the providence of God, three unsaved Jews were uniquely responsible for Israel’s miraculous birth in May of 1948. While posing as an Abwehr spy, KGB double-agent Richard Kauder (a.k.a. Fritz Klatt), repeatedly thwarted Hitler’s Wehrmacht through his covert network (a.k.a. Max/Moritz), ultimately saving the Yishuv from genocide. As portrayed in the film Cast a Giant Shadow, American Colonel David “Mickey” Markus (alias, Michael Stone), clandestinely provided the needed military expertise to unify, prepare, and direct Israel’s fragmented underground militias to defeat five Arab armies in their War of Independence. Utilizing a contact from Kauder, Robert Maxwell (a.k.a. Lev Hoch) procured the all-important munitions for Israel’s future prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. The following article will center on Maxwell with the lion’s share of material coming from my fifth book, Holy Ground: The True History of the State of Israel (pages 458-459 and 461-465).

Arms Embargo

When a reporter asked David Dinkins to recall his initial impression upon becoming the first black mayor of New York City, he insisted that his experience was not the vicarious dilemma of a dog that had finally caught the car he was always chasing, i.e., “Now what do I do?” The tiny State of Israel was faced with this reality.

On December 5, 1947, President Truman’s Secretary of State, George Marshall, declared an arms embargo on all combatants in the expanding Middle East crisis. Having pushed the envelope with his surprise endorsement of Israel, Harry was ill-prepared to reverse the Marshall doctrine. (At least such pre-election acquiescence showed that his earlier magnanimity was not solely about votes). According to divine providence, Truman was now in the role of King Darius, who, being hamstrung by similar political realities, had to pass a sleepless night before enquiring, “O Daniel…is thy God, whom thou servest continually, able to deliver thee from the lions?” (Daniel 6:20) Of course, modern Israel was a long way from serving Jehovah. Thus, once again, while Laodicea’s political leaders took their cue from their budding apostate religious counterparts, the LORD Himself would intervene, for “hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?” (Numbers 23:19)

The rank hypocrisy of contrived US “neutrality” was that the Arabs had already been armed to the teeth by the British vis-à-vis an annual military subsidy of £2,000,000. Thus, Britain’s own “embargo,” imposed in February 1948, was equally disingenuous. Furthermore, as award-winning authors John Loftus and Mark Aarons document, certain German POWs (i.e., hardcore, Jew-hating Nazis) still being “held” in Egypt were somehow “escaping” and finding their way into Palestine via Muslim ratlines “where they became instructors for the Arab units.”

Arabist Alison Weir inanely states, “Zionist military units…before the UN vote…had acquired massive weaponry…were better equipped and had more men under arms than their opponents.” She then cites the equally biased Kathleen Christison: “America’s diplomats…knew from the beginning that the Arabs were certain losers in their war with Israel. Every source confirmed the overwhelming military superiority of the Israelis over their Arab opponents.”

However, as we have already seen, the two most powerful officials in the Truman administration were predicting the very opposite. While Defense Secretary Forrestal told Clark Clifford: “Forty million Arabs are going to push four hundred thousand Jews into the sea.” General Marshall went on record, warning, “militarily the Jews were embarked on a very risky venture in Palestine, and should the tide turn against them, there was nothing to guarantee help from the United States.”

Czech Guns Via Richard & Robert

Jilted by the West, David Ben-Gurion was ultimately forced to procure his first and most significant weapons cache from behind the descending Iron Curtain. (Israel’s future would be secured by Golda Meir’s early 1948 cross-country fund-raising tour in America, procuring fifty-million dollars in Jewish contributions.) It was fitting that the source was Czechoslovakia, given her betrayal by Britain and later Nazi occupation. (As late as 2012, a UN resolution to make “Palestine” a non-Member Observer State was voted against by the Czech Republic—the sole European country, and one of only nine to do so, against 138 yeas and 41 abstentions.)

In late November 1946, two young Jews arrived in Vienna from Paris. The men were Haganah intelligence agents Georg Überall (later known as Ehud Avriel) and future six-term Jerusalem mayor, Theodor “Teddy” Kollek (a.k.a. “The greatest builder of Jerusalem since Herod”). Their original assignment was transporting Jewish refugees from Austria to Palestine. Their first contact was Harry-Peter Smolka-Smollett, a London Times correspondent in Austria and childhood friend of Teddy. To avoid the British, the men agreed to hold their meetings at the Esquire Club, a popular watering hole in the American district of Vienna. At their next conference, Smolka-Smollett showed up with a British officer, introducing him as Ludwig “Lev” Hoch, a Czech Jew. Hoch was an interrogator for the local MI6 office and would navigate the cadre through British checkpoints in the capital.

Smolka-Smollett then recommended that Kollek and Überall meet another well-connected friend recently settled in Salzburg. Shortly thereafter, the four Zionists conferred with the man at a Salzburg eatery. The next day they visited local refugee facilities. After several weeks of shuttling between Vienna and Salzburg, Kollek finally broached his greater burden during a discussion at the Esquire—acquiring arms for Palestine. While Smolka-Smollett quickly ruled out Austria, Hoch hinted that they should try the Czechs, noted for their munitions expertise (lately exploited by Nazi Germany). When Kollek and Überall asked how they might do this, Smolka-Smollett had a ready reply; he told them to ask their newfound colleague in Salzburg.

About this time (February 1947), David Ben-Gurion burst on the scene, ostensibly to tour DP camps. However, his real purpose was to see “the Jew from Salzburg.” Before Ben-Gurion departed, “Richard” assured him of his personal commitment to the struggle ahead. In a follow-up talk with Kollek and Überall, the man lifted a letterhead from his wallet bearing the emblem of the nationalized Zbrojovka Brno (ZB) arms plant in Czechoslovakia—signing his full name on the back—Richard Joseph Kauder. He then handed the paper to Kollek, saying, “Give this to Otto Šling in Brno and tell him that I asked him to help you.” Šling, a Bohemian Jew, had originally sent the stationery to Kauder (via Smolka-Smollett) with the attached message: “Give this to Richard and tell him that if he needs anything, I will be happy to help. Tell him to write ‘Kauder’ on the back of the paper and I will know that it is from him.” In his book, The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance, Radomir Luza writes: “As secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party in Brno, Šling decided the affairs of everyone in and around the city….” Retired Israeli Colonel Avi Ziv-Tal affirms, “This was the first step towards the arms deal with the Czech Republic.”

Having saved both the Yishuv from genocide and the Continent from Nazification through his Max network as “Fritz Klatt,” Richard Kauder would now do his part to rescue the pending Jewish state from impending annihilation. According to Aarons and Loftus, Richard’s compatriot for his final achievement was the MI6 officer, Lev Hoch. To summarize an intricate narrative, after Hoch escaped the Nazis in Slovakia, he availed his services to the French Resistance, then the French Foreign Legion, and finally, to the British, only to land in a prison camp in England on a skewed charge of insubordination. By now he had changed his name to “Robert Maxwell.” However, it was here that he had a providential encounter with another political detainee, Vladimír Clementis, an ethnic Czech communist and former parliament member. Through a series of further developments, Robert was able to join the British army, rise to lieutenant, win the Military Cross for bravery (rescuing a platoon trapped by Germans), finally, parlaying his skill in foreign languages (especially Russian) into a job with MI6—all while keeping his Zionist aspirations under wraps.

In 1946, Robert was shocked to learn that MI6 was preparing to oust the postwar Slovakian government of Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk. Why would Whitehall want to blindside the only democratic nation in the Eastern bloc with barely a 30% Communist vote? The intel came from British super-sleuth Kim Philby (Moscow’s best-kept secret). At Stalin’s order, the double-agent told his MI6 superiors that the Kremlin was secretly calling the shots in Prague and that Masaryk had to go. (Of course, in reality, Comrade Stalin was incensed at the Czech social democracy with its free trade unions and other political embarrassments.) Then, “oddly” enough, Philby endorsed the unpalatable Vatican-backed, anti- Communist, former Nazi quisling, Dr. Ferdinand Ďurčanský (listed as a UN Category A war criminal.)

Losing most of his family in the Holocaust, Robert must have recoiled at the thought of the British installing a fascist Catholic thug over his beloved homeland. He therefore seized the moment, apprising his old cellmate of the approaching putsch. The plot was subsequently exposed by the non-Red Czech Security Service. While the hard-line Slovenian communists attained a successful countercoup in the parliament (Philby’s plan all along), Vladimír Clementis, the more moderate vice-minister of foreign affairs, became the new Foreign Affairs Minister in March 1948. (Ďurčanský would later take a ratline to Argentina). Loftus and Aarons provide the anticipated finale:

Maxwell had watched the buildup of Arab arms from France, the US, and Britain with secret horror. He knew that Truman’s arms embargo tolled the death knell for the Jews of Palestine. In return for saving his native country from Ďurčanský’s civil war, Maxwell begged the Czechs for weapons for his adopted country, Israel. He wanted Clementis to send guns to Ben-Gurion, when no one else in the world would supply them.

The authors then corroborate Ziv-Tal’s “Maxwell-Max” nexus:

There is considerable evidence that Maxwell’s Czech strategy was coordinated by Ben-Gurion’s secret double agent inside Soviet intelligence. In fact, it is almost certain that in the aftermath of the Communist coup, Maxwell was supported by another secret Zionist agent, an Austrian Jew. It was, say our sources in the intelligence community, Richard Kauder, code-named Klatt, the head of the Max network. At the end of 1947 Kauder helped a team of Zionist intelligence agents to travel to Prague, where they quickly made contact with the Czech government through his local sources from the Max network. By early 1948 they had concluded the first of a series of crucial arms deals with the Czech authorities, thanks to Maxwell’s warnings about the Ďurčanský plot.

British historian Richard Deacon also alludes to Kauder’s role:

In the early stages Czechoslovakia was earmarked as the most promising source of supply for arms, not only because it was an arms-producing country, but because at that time it was freer from Soviet domination than any of the other Soviet bloc countries of Eastern Europe. Nevertheless it still required Secret Service style activities to plan the purchase of such arms. The Palestinian Jews were helped by a former German Jew who had been one of a number of such Jews specially recruited by Admiral Canaris as agents for his Abwehr (German Secret Service)….

Ziv-Tal states that the initial shipment constituted “four crates of Bren machine guns,” the cargo proceeding to southern Italy by rail, then to northern Africa and Palestine by ship. The author concludes with a heart-pounding postscript that perfectly illustrates the aforementioned theme of God’s unconditional personal commitment:

Surprisingly enough, the Americans did find out about the deliveries but decided to turn a blind eye to them and allow them to proceed. The story was as follows: the Bren machine guns came with English-language manuals. Someone brought one of the manuals to the DP camp in Bad Gastein in search of someone who spoke English and could translate the manual into Yiddish. He approached a Jewish American sergeant who conversed with the refugees in fluent Yiddish. The sergeant agreed to translate the manual and informed his commander, who allowed him to proceed and promised to remain silent.

Ziv-Tal repeated the same account to this author during a 2014 interview in Jerusalem. Upon the successful trial run, a consignment of 200 MG-34 machine guns, 4,500 P-18 rifles, and 50,400,000 rounds of ammunition in early 1948 marked the beginning of “Operation Balak”; plenty more would follow, from bayonets to German Spitfires and Messerschmitts. Ben-Gurion later opined, “Without these weapons, it’s doubtful whether we could have won. The arms deal with the Czechs was the greatest assistance we received.” Sadly, while Clementis’ timely pipeline saved Israel, it took his life in return. For defying Koba, the Slovakian patriot was condemned in a show trial and hanged on December 3, 1952. (Otto Šling was also executed on this date.) Loftus and Aarons conclude: “But for a few brave hours in 1948, Maxwell’s friends in the Czech government had done what no other nation on earth was courageous enough to do. They had, for the first time in two thousand years, given the Jews a fair fight.”

Post-War Career

Born in 1923 into a poor Yiddish-speaking Orthodox Jewish family in the small Czech village of Slatinske Doly (now Solotvyno, Ukraine), Ján Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch, later, Ian Robert Maxwell, was naturalized as a British subject on June 19, 1946, rising to become a successful media proprietor, publisher (Pergamon Press), and Labour Member of Parliament. Among his many acquisitions were the British Printing Corporation, Mirror Group Newspapers, and Macmillan Publishers. He even purchased the New York Daily News in 1991.

While most of his relatives were dying at Auschwitz (estimated at over 300), Captain Maxwell’s bravery in “storming a German machine-gun nest” earned him the Military Cross presented by Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, no less. After the war, the Orthodox Jew married Elisabeth “Betty” Meynard, a French-born Protestant of Huguenot descent. Their uncommon union would produce nine children. As Britain’s foremost “tabloid tycoon” expanded his company, the former MI6 agent was also heavily involved with Israel’s Mossad.

Considered one of the richest men in the world, Maxwell led the quintessential “Jet Set” life, residing in Oxford at Headington Hill Hall a 53-room mansion. On November 4, 1991, following a rancorous phone call with his son Kevin over a scheduled meeting with the Bank of England (regarding Pergamon’s default on £50,000,000 in loans), Robert skipped the appointment, opting for a Canary Island cruise aboard his superyacht, Lady Ghislaine (equipped with a Jacuzzi, sauna, gym and disco). The following day his naked body was recovered in the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from a “graze to his left shoulder” there were no noticeable signs of foul play. Insiders have speculated that he probably fell overboard while urinating, as he often did. Given his recent heart and lung problems, the official inquest report was “death by heart attack combined with accidental drowning” (though three pathologists were unable to agree on the cause of death). Finally, his son ruled out suicide, stating, “I think it is highly unlikely that he would have taken his own life, it wasn’t in his makeup or his mentality.”

The hero of the 1948 War of Independence was afforded an elaborate state funeral in Israel led by Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and Israeli President Chaim Herzog and attended by numerous dignitaries and politicians along with six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence. Shamir eulogized him, “He has done more for Israel than can today be told.” The celebrated Holocaust survivor was buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

However, in the market pandemonium following Robert’s unforeseen death, the nasty discovery surfaced that he was basically Israel’s version of Jimmy Hoffa, having misappropriated hundreds of millions of pounds from his companies’ pension funds to save his empire from bankruptcy. Sadly, when the litigation dust settled, the late publishing magnate’s pensioners received only about half of their company pension entitlement.

The Rest of the Story

Maxwell’s widow, Elisabeth, a 1981 graduate from Oxford (at the age of 60), devoted much of her later years to ongoing research on the Holocaust. She also worked as an advocate of interfaith Jewish-Christian dialogue. Her autobiography, A Mind of My Own: My Life with Robert Maxwell, was published in 1994. Elisabeth died on August 7, 2013, at the age of 92 in Dordogne, France.

The Maxwells’ youngest child, a daughter, was born in 1961 in Maisons-Laffitte, France. Raised an Anglican, she attended Marlborough College and Balliol College, Oxford. Regarded as her father’s favorite, unfortunately, she emulated him more than she did her Protestant mother, becoming the consummate global socialite and businessperson. In the wake of Robert’s scandal, she moved to the United States, exacerbating his victims’ rancor by crossing the Atlantic on a pricy Concorde (akin to Marie Antoinette’s, “Let them eat cake”). Thanks to a prior trust fund established by her father in Liechtenstein, Maxwell received a hefty annual allowance of £80,000. By 1992, she was living in a Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park, selling real estate by day and gracing the Gotham social scene by night.

According to one source, in the late 1980s Robert introduced his daughter to an unsavory well-connected Jewish financier. Over the next three decades their relationship would devolve into a crime spree of unparalleled debauchery. For her part, the joyride ended when she was arrested by the FBI while hiding in Bradford, New Hampshire, on July 6, 2020. By this time, her father’s famous 180-ft. yacht had already been purchased and resold by an Arab businessman and ultimately renamed Dancing Hare. As she sat in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, awaiting trial for six federal crimes, perhaps her mind went back to better times, like the special ceremony she attended in the Netherlands fourteen years earlier when her father had his new vessel christened in her name ─ Lady Ghislaine. Such reflections were certainly more pleasant than pondering whether she would meet the same fate as her longtime partner in crime Jeff had ─ and in the very same facility, no less ─ not to mention her father’s “accidental drowning.”