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12/23/2023: On this NEW PODCAST here on the day before Christmas Eve 2024, we make some observations about America to help us focus on how to pray. We discuss some controversial current events including the state of Colorado's decision to ban Donald Trump from their primary ballot. Will it stand? Then, Is December 25th really the birthday of Jesus Christ? Pastor Vince has some biblically based explanation on that topic. Leave a comment and let know how you are praying! Merry Christmas to you and thank you for watching!

12/17/2023: On this 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, we discuss God's gift of DISCERNMENT. Do you have the ability to DISCERN the truth among political opinions that are completely in opposition to each other? Then, find out what really happened at the Boston Tea Party! Plus, there is conflict among Muslim sects in the Middle East, but there is one issue where they have complete agreement. Wait until you hear what that is! Find out why a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians is practically impossible. Listen here and let us know your thoughts!

12/02/2023: In this PODCAST, we take a look at the new Pride Bible, a "revised" version of scripture designed for the LGBTQ community. What could be the end result of anyone using this book for spiritual guidance? Also, in response to listener question we examine who are the Ashkenazi Jews, and what is Zionism. Who are the real Jews? Plus a lot more. Join us and let us know what you think by email.

11/19/2023: Today we discuss Osama Bin Laden's "Letter to America" written shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City. Recently motivated by the Israel-Hamas war, a TikTok personality called attention to this letter. It received over 800,000 views and 80,000 likes before it was taken down. Wait until you hear what the letter said. Are some Americans being deceived by a false narrative, one of many false narratives being pushed on a naïve and simple minded American populace? Tune in to learn more!

11/11/2023:In this PODCAST, we make some OBSERVATIONS including the latest trial going on against Donald Trump and how one congressional representative says the judge in this case is biased and unprofessional. She is filing charges! Also Ron DeSantis wins a major decision in Florida to protect women's sports. Plus, Anti-Semitism is running rampant in America, so why is the White House allocating big money to fight Islamophobia? Let us know what you think at

11/04/2023: In this podcast, we make a few OBSERVATIONS of the current state of our country. Is the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson an "extremist" because he is a Bible believing Christian? Also, a high school girl field hockey player gets severely injured when a biological male playing on the other team hits her in the face with the ball. Plus, we discuss the rapid rise of anti-Semitism in America. What does the Bible say about God's purpose and plan for Israel in the future for all humankind? Join us!

10/28/2023: Jesus warned us to watch for the signs of his soon return. Are the rapture, tribulation and return of Jesus very near? We examine the facts and the scriptures! Plus we make some OBSERVATIONS here in America and around the world to identify the most important reasons to pray! Watch here and let us know your thoughts! Email:

10/21/2023: As war in the middle east continues to develop, we attempt to see things from both sides. We start with a report from Amnesty International. Is Israel an apartheid state oppressing the Palestinian people? By contrast, how should Israel handle its enemies on all sides and within, many of which desire to annihilate them from existence? Are the events happening in Israel "signs of the times" signaling the imminent return of Jesus Christ? Unbelievers be warned! Please watch and let us know your thoughts at christiansunited50@gmail com

10/14/2023: In this PODCAST, we take a biblical look at the history of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians (Muslims). Who is the real aggressor/oppressor? What is fomenting the hatred, bigotry and racism that has plagued the Middle East for centuries. Israel has seen many attacks and suffered many wars. Let’s pray that this one in 2023 will come to a peaceful conclusion as quickly as possible. Let us know your thoughts at Thanks for watching!

10/07/2023: We talk briefly about the history of Israel according to the Bible. And we talk about the Palestinians. Do they have a right to occupy the land that was promised to the Jewish people by God? Is it really a dispute over land? Or is it something more sinister? Also, what is really at the core of gender dysphoria? Are people being born in the wrong bodies? Is it a psychological illness or could it be a spiritual problem? Join us and let us know your thoughts.

09/23/2023: On this PODCAST, we welcome evangelist and author Dr. Sam Gipp. Sam travels around the world sharing the message of the Gospel... he also writes extensively on a wide variety of topics affecting the lives of Christians here in the modern church era. Hear Sam's comments on the the state of the church in this age of apostasy, the rapture, the prospects for revival in America and lots more. Send us your comments and questions at christiansunited50 Thanks for watching!

09/16/2023: Are you concerned by what you are witnessing in America here in 2023? Do you believe that politicians can remedy the problems we face? We think not! That's why we're calling all Christians and other like minded people to join us in prayer for this once great nation. On this PODCAST we make some observations to help us focus on the specific reasons why prayer is needed. Listen in and join us in daily prayer for America. And... let us know what you think! Email us at

09/09/2023: On the 22nd anniversary of the 911 terrorist attack on America, we are here to help identify the reasons we must pray for our country here in 2023. We are now facing an attack of a different kind with unprecedented illegal immigration happening at the southern border. NYC Mayor Eric Adams claims it will destroy the city. Plus, at a schoolboard meeting in Orange County California, a group of Communist protestors claim that Christians are fascists. Find out why and tell us what you think? Listen here and join us in prayer for our nation!

09/02/2023: In this PODCAST, we touch on the insanity and absurdity taking place in our American culture with blatant misinformation and cultural immorality flooding our corrupt media. Also, Pastor Vince discusses the Gadsden Flag (the one that says Don't Tread On Me) now being maligned by some as symbolizing slavery in America. Reasons to pray for America... the time is urgent! Listen in and join us!

08/26/2023: Back after a two week vacation, on this PODCAST we discuss the Trump indictment in Georgia as the evidence rolls in regarding the Biden Bribery scandal. Plus, a close look at the PRAYER POINT #2... that we would commit ourselves to winning souls as we wait for Lord's return. We need a revival in America. Join us in prayer for these issues and so much more!

08/05/2023: It's all about REVIVAL! That's what we are praying for in America! Listen as we discuss and encourage you to pray for Revival with a look back at the great revivals in American history. It's the number one prayer point in our list of seven key prayers we want to lift up to God. Email us at 

07/29/2023: In the PODCAST... Observations about the 2 tiered system of justice in America. Hunter Biden's plea deal and his attorneys' deceptive, dishonest meddling. Plus, the House Hearing on gender transitioning. Interesting testimony from women fighting for women's rights and spaces in our society. Plus, is God non-binary? A response to a listener question regarding an LGBTQ writer's explanation of God and "His" name! Tune in, check it out, and let us know what YOU think

07/22/2023: We talk about the Jason Aldean country music video, "Try That In a Small Town". In what way is this video racist? Does it really incite violence? Why are some people more offended by the video than the actual riots and looting that took place in American cities? Plus, Pastor Vince looks at justice in America. Are some people above the law? Observations would say yes! But what can we do? PRAY!!! Join us!

07/15/2023: In this PODCAST! Talking about the new movie "SOUND OF FREEDOM". Why is the main stream media, "and others" so against this film? Plus, hear what most Americans believe about biological men participating in women's sports... a Gallup poll. Lot's more! Join us!

07/08/2023: In this PODCAST we make some observations about America with the help of U.S. Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana. Plus, Pastor Vince examines the "Signs of the Last Days” with guidance from the Bible scriptures. Are the end-time signs predicted by Jesus evident in today’s culture? Here are some important reasons we must pray for America. Join us and let us know your thoughts at


07/01/2023: Happy Independence Day Weekend! On this podcast we talk about the recent Supreme Court decisions affecting Biden's student debt relief proposal and the right of a Christian business owner to deny service to LGBTQ customers. Plus, a old Presbyterian church abandons Bible principles to embrace an ideology that scripture describes as sin, all in the name of diversity and tolerance. Is that love in action or love gone off the rails

06/24/2023: In this Podcast, we make some OBSERVATIONS about the current state of America. Our goal is to highlight reasons for all of us to pray for America. When you look at the way our justice department handled the Hunter Biden accusations, is there a two tiered system of justice in our country. Pride month is coming to and end, but some Starbucks employees are striking for their perceived right to decorate the stores with Pride flags and paraphernalia. Do they have that right? And, does God love everybody? Well, yes... God Is Love, but God is also Holy and Just. What does that mean for the unsaved?

06/17/2023: In this PODCAST, we make some observations related to Pride Month. Why did the L.A. Dodgers honor a hate group that mocks and disparages Catholic people? Why did Joe Biden say that the LGBTQ+ people are the "bravest and most inspirational" people he has ever known? What about the men and women who died for America in wars throughout the decades? Plus, a close look at an associate of Klaus Schwab? What are these people up to?

06/10/2023: In this podcast, we discuss the fierce hatred of Donald Trump and consider the 2-tiered system of justice that appears to be taking place in America today. Why do some people in this country seemed to be brainwashed with an irrational sense of fairness and morality? Why have standards of sexual morality deteriorated to an unprecedented level of depravity that a particular group in our country claim as reasons for PRIDE... and why is it being presented to our children? These are some of the reasons we must be praying for America! Join us!

05/27/2023: On today’s podcast, we discuss some of the most important reasons we must pray for America. Is America in a culture war? Or is it really spiritual warfare? If it is spiritual warfare, prayer is the most powerful and effective weapon for gaining victory for our country. Listen in and join us in prayer to keep America, moral, safe, and free until Jesus returns.

05/20/2023: What do you think about DEI? Is it really Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? Or is it as Ron DeSantis of Florida has recently said, Discrimination, Exclusion and Indoctrination. Also, what is the agenda of the dark spiritual forces some refer to as the Satanic Creed? Is the Home of the Free standing in the way of a Global World Order? And what can we do about the chaos spreading across America?

05/13/2023: In this Podcast we discuss Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Is the WEF attempting to subjugate the United States to clear the way for a one-world government? Conspiracy theory for wackos? Or is there some evidence to believe that it is true? Listen and let us know what you think!

05/06/2023: In this podcast, we continue to discuss some of the most important reasons for us all to PRAY FOR AMERICA. Did you hear about Satancon that was held in Boston where a woman tore a Bible to pieces to the cheers of the audience and chants of "Hail Satan"? We talk about unclean, dark spirits and how they affect people from the highest places in government to ordinary folks who innocently become deceived. Are people who are affected by transgenderism deceived by dark spirits that manifest as mental illnesses? Tune in and listen to the discussion and let us know what you think!

04/29/2023: In this podcast, we give you several reasons to PRAY FOR AMERICA. We talk about morality in America and how it is affecting our children. How can anyone support "gender affirming care" for children? What ever happened to law and order? Crime on the rise across the country and why won't our government punish crime especially in the major cities? Join us and tell what you think!

04/22/2023: In this podcast, we encourage you to PRAY FOR AMERICA. We discuss the spiritual impact on certain factions of our society and government. Most Americans can see the absurdity of what's happening in our country but don't understand the reasons for the apparent decline in common sense and morality.

04/15/2023: In this podcast we discuss the reasons why prayer for America is so important including prayer for good, God fearing people to run for public office at the local, state and federal levels... and for dishonest, anti-God, anti-Bible politicians to be voted out of office.

04/08/2023: This podcast is designed to bring people together in prayer for America. On this edition, we reflect on last week's podcast where we discussed transgenderism. Is America being afflicted by a spirit of delusion? We also talk about how America was founded by Christian people under Christian principles of law and order, righteousness and a God directed lifestyle. Can a revival help us return to that original vision?

04/01/2023: Do Christians hate people who identity as LGBTQ+, transvestites (drag queens) and transgenders? In this podcast, we begin to discuss the issues surrounding sexual morality in America by first looking at what the Bible has to say and even taking a logical, non-religious look at the science as applied to transgenderism. What psychology can't explain, perhaps spirituality can! Listen in and please let us know you thoughts on the topic.

3/25/2023: In this podcast, we continue our discussion on the desperate need for Christian Revival in America. Deteriorating morality and a corrupt political agenda are progressing to destroy the country that God had once blessed. "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14. 

3/18/2023: In this podcast, Steve and Pastor Vince talk about the need for Revival in America with a look at the history of revival in the Bible, and a discussion of the events taking place in America today that indicate a desperate need for the Spirit of God to revive Christians for prayer to set America back on a course for righteousness and morality.

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