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By Dr. Vince Massa

For almost one year the American public has been told that the wearing of masks and lockdowns of schools, churches and small businesses were essential to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  President Biden, before he became President, and since he has been in office, has said, “the wearing of masks will save thousands of lives.”  Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy Infectious Disease and the darling of the media has recently said, “Double masking makes common sense and would be most effective.”  One week later he changed his mind regarding that statement!

We have been told by the medical professionals and politicians who have been promoting the necessity of masks and lockdowns that they are following the “science”.  Is that so, or do these individuals have another motive for the implementation of the measures?  Here are some facts to consider:

#1.   The 4 largest states in the U.S. are as follows (July 2019 – stats)

  • California Population -   39,512,223
  • Texas Population -          28,995,881
  • Florida Population -       21,477,737
  • New York Population -  19,453,561

Now, regarding mandatory COVID-19 restrictions, California and New York have had the strictest requirements in regard to mask wearing and the closing of schools, churches and small businesses.  Texas and Florida, on the other hand, have been among the most open states.

#2.   If mask wearing and lockdowns were effective, one would expect that the states with the strictest requirements would have the fewer COVID-19 cases.  Here are some recent statistics regarding COVID-19 cases:

  • California Cases - 3,428,698
  • Texas Cases -         2,523,971
  • Florida Cases -      1,790,743
  • New York Cases - 1,534,029

The combined cases of COVID-19 in California and New York are 4,962,727.  Texas and Florida combined cases are 4,314,714.  California and New York have 648,013 more cases of COVID-19 than Texas and Florida.  One would expect that California and New York would have fewer cases of COVID-19 than Texas and Florida if wearing masks and lockdowns worked and were effective, but that is not so.

#3       Also consider the number of deaths in these 4 states.  Current states are:

  • California Deaths -  44,997
  • Texas Deaths -         40,044
  • Florida Deaths -      28,052
  • New York Deaths - 45,301

California and New York combined COVID-19 deaths are 90,298.  Texas and Florida combined COVID-19 deaths are 68,096.  California and New York have had 22,202 more deaths than Texas and Florida with their stricter requirements regarding mask wearing and lockdowns.

Again, if these restrictions were preventative regarding the spread of this virus and the deaths, why do California and New York have more cases of COVID-19 and more people having died?

I have recently listened to some medical experts whose training is in infectious diseases.  It is their opinion that the new strains and variants of COVID-19 are the result of mask wearing and lockdowns.  In fact, they are of the opinion that if a virus spreads, it ultimately peaks and then declines to the point where it just naturally dies out.  This also comes with the understanding that those most vulnerable to complications and death from catching a virus must be protected.

Is all this really about prevention or is it about control and the loss of personal liberty.  There may have been a time when as American citizens we felt we could trust the information, legislation and directives of our federal, state and local leaders, but the sad commentary is that those days are gone.  Too often our leaders today have ulterior motives and a hidden agenda which they put before the people they supposedly represent. 

As we just said this is not about prevention of a pandemic and doing what’s best for the citizens of our cities, states and country, it’s about control.  It has to do with the end times, and a coming one-world government and economic system.  It’s time for Christians to wake up and realize what’s going on!